My name is Niema Janae, I am a community organizer and passionate gardener.  I want to encourage people to learn how to grow their own produce.  Fixing world hunger may sound cliche and improbable; I am a disrupter, an innovator, I am here to help make the impossible possible.

When the pandemic hit, I was working in the restaurant industry; working doubles ,triples, 12 hour shifts were common and encouraged.  Like many of you , I was thrown from my wheel, depressed, lost and afraid.  I decided to start gardening as a means of self-care.  Not having any prior knowledge or experience.  I bought the most inexpensive seeds, dirt, and a pot; put all those thing together, added some water, and light from a window and forgot about it.  Seven days later, these cute green specs were poking through the soil.  That is all it took! My life changed from that moment.  I've gone to successfully grow and harvest eggplant, squash, hydroponic cherry tomatoes, lavender, thyme, a variety of lettuces. and more. This was all done in my studio apartment, without any prior experience.  My hands my have been new to soil, but my spirit connected with my Ancestors and I was right at home.  

The world is definitely going through a very tumultuous time, things are starting to feel even more dense and uncertain.  2020 helped me realize that my access to fresh produce can be limited and that is outside of my control.  Empty grocery stores or not having the funds should not be the reason why we cannot have fresh and nutrient rich foods.  The benefits of gardening reward you immediately; lush greenery, sustenance, therapy, connecting with nature and, community.  I have found a true love and passion.  I am looking forward to growing with like-minded people. 

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